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Welcome to  Established in 2002, owning and running our own independent VoIP network. is one of Ireland’s longest running VoIP Providers. We offer the typical standard  VoIP services you would expect, such as hosted Cloud telephone system and business class VoIP SIP trunks, but delivered on a robust, fault tolerant, scaleable platform, backed by expert support when you need it most.  But we don’t stop there!

Our Voip Services,First Class Voip Providers

Our VoIP Platform offers a full suite of application on top including international telephone numbers, integrations from Zendesk, Salesforce and many more, Real-Time data channels, cloud based speech transcription & analytics, cloud based call recording, a developer portal and many more innovative solutions to come!

SIP TRUNKING SIP trunking service is designed to deliver optimum call quality, resiliency & fail-over, security & fraud protection and a lot more on top.   Our Corporate & Business SIP trunking service ticks all the boxes.


Choose and instantly provision telephone numbers from over 52 countries with  We offer the full range of numbers including toll-free freephone, geographical, national and mobile all within a click.



Our Cloud pbx offers,an intuitive web control panel,auto provisioning for quick set up and ip phone deplyment,and all the features you would expect from a modern telephone system and more........ Lots more.....................

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